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Насколько сложно разобраться в нашем веб-сайте?

Очень просто - 85.2%
Скорее просто - 9.7%
Нормально - 2.7%
Скорее сложно - 1%
Очень сложно - 0.3%

Total votes: 298

Not everyone dares to talk about his HIV-positive status publicly by understanding the consequences - stigma and discrimination. It is especially difficult if you are a woman living in Tajikistan.

To increase tolerant attitude towards people living with HIV in Tajikistan there was conducted a training for health professionals.

Tajik authorities have conducted a number of training activities.

"Capacity of AIDS service NGOs of Central Asia in the technical, advocacy, educational, organizational aspects has significantly increased!" Maria Boltaeva, Director of the UNAIDS office in Tajikistan.